Credit Simulation: Explanations and Advice!

Buying a house, an apartment, or having it built assumes that you are looking for the best deals on real estate websites and agencies. But if you stop there, you are making a big mistake because unless you have the necessary amount to finance the project, you will have to take out one or more mortgage loans. And here too, you have to compare the offers of different banks.

Take out a consumer credit

Take out a consumer credit

If the credit you wish to take out is a consumer credit, the amounts involved will be lower but it is still in your interest to do some simulations before signing.

To do this, you can go to different agencies to obtain rate estimates. But you can also go to the websites of these banks to do online simulations. Today we have chosen to explain to you how to make one on the Lite Lender bank website.

Online simulation :

  1. Click on the following link: individuals.Lite Lender.
  2. Click on the tab: ” All loan simulators “.
  3. Four types of simulators are displayed (Insurance / Savings / Loans / Projects).
  4. In the 3rd column, choose the type of credit corresponding to the purchase you want to make.

If you want to take out a consumer loan : (or personal loan).

  • Select the type of credit you want.
  • We advise you to use revolving credit only if you have no other choice, because the rates of this type of credit are much higher than car, budget or student loans.
  • You now access the simulator, that of Lite Lender is rather well designed. You must enter the desired amount and repayment duration, either by operating the sliders, or by entering the exact amount in the box.
  • Three proposals are then made to you, the one corresponding to your request is in the middle. On the right and on the left you will find two other examples of credits for the same amount but with different repayment periods.
  • The amount of the application fees is displayed at the bottom of the column.

If you want a mortgage:

If you want a mortgage:

The principle is exactly the same as for a personal loan. But you also have calculators allowing you to estimate several essential parameters:

  1. Financial capacity : That is to say your purchasing capacity, this is why various information is requested from you (income, credits in progress, personal contribution, etc.).
  2. Loan amount : This financial calculator is used to find out the amount of the loan according to your monthly repayment capacity.
  3. Calculation of monthly payments : Once your debt capacity is determined, this allows you to know the amount of monthly installments according to the amount borrowed.
  4. Amount of PTZ : This is a state-assisted loan (PTZ +), this loan is at 0% rate. If you are eligible, do not miss it. We advise you to start with this simulator. Because if you are entitled to it, its amount will be deducted from your bank loan.

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