Bank credit simulation: help and advice.

With crossroads I positive!

With crossroads I positive!

When I have to finance my crossroads projects at its subsidiary, Infra bank. The latter has been offering credit solutions for individuals since 1981. Notably with his famous pass card (a money reserve at revolving rates), but not only. If the great feature of the brand is not to offer a bank account to its customers. It offers them the possibility of taking out insurance, life insurance contracts and therefore savings.

This article will allow you to correctly carry out your personal loan simulation on the Cream bank website.

Step 1 : Go to Google, or another search engine. And type: crossroads bank.

Here you are on the Cream bank site, what is special? You are immediately in the heart of the matter. No time to look for the personal loan section, it is available to you.

If you still want to, look for the credit simulator it is also possible. You will find at the top in the middle a section

Click on credit.

Step 2 : You will now be able to start your credit simulation. It will take a little time because Cream bank also has the distinction of studying your file, live, online, asking you for detailed information on your professional, budgetary and family situation. This will give you the possibility if your file suits them to have an immediate agreement (or not).

To begin :

Select your project: Available to the right of the yellow square.

Cream bank does not offer a student loan or 1 USD permit loan. But you will still have the possibility of finding the main theme of the consumer credit part.

Unroll and choose according to your credit project.

Unroll and choose according to your credit project.

  • New vehicle loan
  • Used vehicle loan
  • Cash loan
  • Works loan
  • Small project (3000 USD)

Make no mistake, it’s always the same, the rate, the price can increase if you make the wrong simulation according to your projects. Do not calculate the purchase of a new vehicle with the used vehicle tool.

Step 3 : Now choose the amount you want to borrow by dragging the cursor over the available rule. Do the same for the monthly payments that you do not want to exceed and choose your duration. Completed ? Click on Simulate your loan.

Step 4: Have you validated your project? Cream bank sends you to a new page. With the result of your simulation. A summary table of the general conditions of your request for credit. You will find there information such as the rate, the cost of credit, the amount of the expenses of file, all that respecting your initial request.

You can Download, by email or print your simulation (click on your right, on the blue icons)

  Step 5 : Finalize your study:

The result of your simulation suits you? Just below the simulation sheet for your project, you can click on: “Apply for this loan”. You also have the option if you wish to finalize your loan or if you have a question to get in touch with an advisor. Just below “Apply for this loan”, a advise reminds you

A new page is displayed with several items that you will have to complete:

A new page is displayed with several items that you will have to complete:

  1. Identity (with family situation): Your name, first name etc. …
  2. Personal information: contact details, telephone number, etc. …
  3. Budget: your income and your expenses.
  4. Insurance: Infra bank offers to insure your loan, but you also have the option of not subscribing to it.

If the opinion is favorable, you will have to complete a final table with the date and characteristics of the purchase.

Now that crossroads bank is following you. You can print your loan offer online or request the sending of a file.

Obviously the loan agreement is only final after return of the documents necessary to validate the compliance of the file. 5 tax notices, salary statements or account statements.)

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